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Reinhart is proud to be the Ann Arbor Area’s premier real estate company. Our professional family of REALTORS proudly serves Washtenaw county and areas of Livingston, Wayne, Lenawee, and Jackson counties.

We know a home is more than just the number of bedrooms and baths, and that location plays an important role in the home buying process. Search a county, city or community and find the perfect area for you, your family, and your lifestyle!

  • Ann Arbor Real Estate 1
    Ann Arbor

    The sixth largest city in Michigan, Ann Arbor is an artsy and lively city largely known as the home of the University of Michigan....

  • Belleville Real Estate 2

    Home to nearly 4,000 residents, Belleville is a charming city nestled along the southern shore of the man-made Belleville Lake.

  • Brighton Real Estate 3

    Situated 15 miles north of Ann Arbor, Brighton is a city with an established business community and plenty of outdoor recreation...

  • Canton Real Estate 4

    Situated between Ann Arbor and Detroit, Canton is a township with a variety of neighborhoods, beautiful parks and a world-class...

  • Chelsea Real Estate 5

    Centering on a lively downtown, Chelsea is a growing city situated near the edge of Waterloo and Pinckney Recreation Areas....

  • Dexter Real Estate 6

    Located about 8 miles west of Ann Arbor, Dexter is a charming small town offering convenient access to the area’s lakes and...

  • Grass Lake Real Estate 7
    Grass Lake

    Grass Lake is a rural village with about 1,000 residents situated near Waterloo Recreation Area and a number of lakes.

  • Gregory Real Estate 8

    Gregory is a small rural community situated along the Pinckney Recreation Area, offering endless outdoor recreation for residents....

  • Jackson Real Estate 9

    Known for the Hot Air Jubilee, Jackson is a sizable city of more than 33,000 with a rich history, a thriving economy and beautiful...

  • Manchester Real Estate 10

    Located along the banks of the Raisin River, Manchester is a small village known for their annual Manchester Chicken Broil

  • Milan Real Estate 11

    Conveniently situated between major Michigan cities, Milan is a growing city with a historic downtown and outdoor recreational...

  • Pinckney Real Estate 12

    A small village in southeast Livingston County, Pinckney offers convenient access to larger cities and many outdoor recreation...

  • Plymouth Real Estate 13

    Situated between Ann Arbor and Detroit, Plymouth is a charming and diverse city with a thriving arts and entertainment culture....

  • Saline Real Estate 14

    Widely known for its annual Celtic Festival, Saline is a small town outside Ann Arbor with excellent schools and a community-centered...

  • South Lyon Real Estate 15
    South Lyon

    Located north of Ann Arbor near Island Lake State Recreation Area, South Lyon is a small city with a historic village and community...

  • Tecumseh Real Estate 16

    With a population just under 10,000, Tecumseh is a small city boasting shops, restaurants and small businesses housed in historic...

  • Whitmore Lake Real Estate 17
    Whitmore Lake

    Whitmore Lake is a small unincorporated community north of Ann Arbor, home to Whitmore Lake and several other nearby lakes....

  • Ypsilanti Real Estate 18

    Situated just southeast of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti is a vibrant, historic and outdoorsy city known as the home to Eastern Michigan...