Success Stories

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Why I Made the Move to the Charles Reinhart Company

Take if from some of the top real estate professionals, the Charles Reinhart Company is the best place to work to build a successful business.  Below is just a sample of why our agents have joined the best team in Washtenaw County.

Ed Ridha & Lisa Jaworski-Ridha
Ann Arbor East Office

“Reinhart is the first and only Real Estate Company we choose to work for.  Reinhart is a company we are proud to represent.  The team effort drives us daily, from the manager of the office, to our excellent administration support.  We are surrounded by professionals who are at the top of their game.  The Ed and Lisa team is a strong force at Reinhart.  We wouldn't go anywhere else!”

John and Anne Sloan
Ann Arbor South Office

"Moving to Reinhart has been the best thing we could have done for our business. We enjoy coming to the office and collaborating with our colleagues. It's a constant brainstorming session here!"

Robyn Javorniski
Ann Arbor South Office

“Changing agencies was a smart move for me.  Reinhart has special vendor discount programs that substantially cut my monthly recurring costs.  It costs me less to run my business, and that's the bottom line.  It just made sense.”

Rick Jarzembowski
Ann Arbor East Office

“My business needed to possess the momentum it used to have.  I wanted to regain my enthusiasm for selling real estate; to surround myself with agents who were passionate about the profession.  Moving to Reinhart gave that back to me.  I found myself among many top producing agents. Mix that with Reinhart's array of services that help build my business, and I am confident I made the right decision!”

Jeff Klink
Chelsea Office

"From my past experiences as a real estate agent, I knew that the Reinhart name carried a great reputation.  What I didn't know was that my job would become easier now that I was apart of the team and had the backing of the Reinhart name!"

Snow & Glacier Liao
Ann Arbor North Office

“Knowing that Reinhart has an excellent reputation, the decision to make the move here was easy – and we are happy we did!  Reinhart provides fantastic real estate education during their training sessions; they have excellent management support and great tech, advertising and administration help when we need it.  We know we made the right choice with Reinhart!”

Maria Evangelista-Wade
Ann Arbor West Office

"Why didn't I do it sooner? Making a career change is probably one of the hardest decisions to make.  I had the classic 'paralysis by analysis' but the transition to Reinhart couldn't have gone smoother!  Every resource is available for you to succeed and achieve your financial goals in this challenging market."