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13 Ways to Stay Cool in Your Backyard on a Hot Day

When the summer heat becomes unbearable, there’s no better place to seek refuge than your own backyard — unless it isn’t equipped for summer weather, of course!

But with a few simple additions and creative ideas, you can transform your outdoor space into a refreshing oasis. To help you beat the scorching heat, here are a few ways to stay cool in your backyard, from major projects like building a pergola to some simple water activities you can do with family and friends. Let’s dive in!


Build a Pergola

Constructing a pergola in your backyard provides an excellent combination of shade and style. The open structure allows air to circulate freely while offering protection from direct sunlight. Consider adding climbing vines or hanging plants to enhance the cooling effect and create a serene ambiance.


Install an Outdoor Shower

Ways to Stay Cool in Your Backyard on a Hot Day

Escape the heat and instantly refresh yourself with an outdoor shower, even if you just use it to rinse off your feet. By installing a simple shower fixture in your backyard, you can cool off with a quick rinse — and keep dirt and sweat out of the house!


Add Misters

Misters are a fantastic way to lower the ambient temperature in your backyard. These fine water sprayers create a refreshing mist that cools the air as it evaporates, providing a welcome respite from the heat. Install misters in strategic locations or attach them to a pergola or nearby trees for maximum effect.


Set Up a Refreshing Beverage Station

Ways to Stay Cool in Your Backyard on a Hot Day

Stay hydrated and cool with a well-equipped beverage station in your backyard. Fill a large cooler with ice and a variety of chilled drinks to quench your thirst. Take it to the next level by adding slices of citrus fruits or herbs to infuse some flavor into your beverages. Or make one of these refreshing summer cocktails!

Install Outdoor Fans

Outdoor fans are a practical solution for hot summer days. They circulate the air, creating a gentle breeze that helps to cool your outdoor space. Position fans strategically to maximize their cooling effect, such as near seating areas or above outdoor dining tables.


Use Light + Breathable Fabrics

Ways to Stay Cool in Your Backyard on a Hot Day

Choose light and breathable fabrics for your outdoor furniture cushions, pillows, and even clothing. Fabrics like cotton and linen allow air to flow through, preventing heat build-up and promoting comfort. Opt for light-colored fabrics that won’t absorb heat, in order to keep surfaces cooler to the touch.


Install Outdoor Curtains or Screens

Create shade and privacy with the installation of outdoor curtains or screens. These versatile additions not only shield you from direct sunlight but also help to reduce the temperature in your backyard. Choose materials that allow air to pass through while still providing shade.


Fill Up a Kiddie Pool

Ways to Stay Cool in Your Backyard on a Hot Day

For a quick and fun way to cool down, fill up a kiddie pool in your backyard. Simply dip your feet or take a full plunge to beat the heat — or for maximum relaxation, you can wade waist-deep while reading a book and sipping on an iced drink. Depending on the size of the pool, you can even add some inflatable toys or relax on a floating lounger to enhance your chilling experience.


Slide Down a Slip ‘n Slide

Keep the whole family cool by rolling out a good old-fashioned slip ‘n slide in the backyard. These long plastic sheets with water features provide hours of entertainment and laughter for everyone. Set it up on a gently sloping section of your yard and slide away!


Install a Shade Sail or Umbrella

Ways to Stay Cool in Your Backyard on a Hot Day

Create shade wherever you need it by installing a shade sail or umbrella in your backyard. These versatile structures are adjustable, allowing you to position them to block out the sun’s rays and provide a cool spot to relax. Choose UV-resistant materials for added protection.


Plant Some Shade Trees

For a more long-term solution for a cool backyard, consider planting some shade trees. The leafy canopy of trees provides natural shade and helps to reduce the overall ambient temperature in your yard. Consider fast-growing varieties like maple or oak, and strategically position them to maximize shade coverage, depending on the position of the sun.


Have a Water Balloon Battle

Ways to Stay Cool in Your Backyard on a Hot Day

Everyone loves a water balloon fight! Fill colorful water balloons and unleash a refreshing splash of fun with friends and family. Not only will you stay cool, but you’ll also create hilarious memories that will make the scorching hot day feel much more enjoyable.


Run Through the Sprinklers

At the end of the day, sometimes it’s as simple as reviving your childhood memories by running through the sprinklers. Simply turn on the sprinklers or make your own DIY sprinklers using a garden hose and an empty plastic bottle, if you don’t have a sprinkler system — and run back and forth through the cascading water! You’ll feel like a kid again, and most importantly, about 10 to 20 degrees cooler.


Stay Cool Out There

We hope you have a fun (and cool) summer!

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