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7 Amazing Co-Working Spaces to Join in the Ann Arbor Area

While it is not an entirely new concept, remote work has taken on a whole new form in the wake of the pandemic, as many companies have shifted to a fully remote or hybrid model. Whether you’re a remote employee or a self-employed entrepreneur, there’s no denying the comforts and convenience of working from home. However, there are a few problematic elements: namely, the loneliness and lack of motivation you can feel when not surrounded by other human beings for hours on end.

Plus, many remote workers or solopreneurs don’t have the proper at-home office setup to maximize their productivity — or would instead rather separate their home and work life, creating a clear boundary between the two.

Enter: co-working spaces! Co-working recreates the bustling office atmosphere that keeps us motivated and focused, and the opportunity to network and connect with other professionals living in the area. Plus, these spaces are equipped with all the amenities to make the work day more pleasant, including free coffee and tea, high-speed Internet, a printer, phone rooms, plenty of outlets, and even fitness centers, a car for errands, and other next-level perks.

There are several co-working spaces in the Ann Arbor area worth joining, whether you’re looking for a shared space or a private office, to use five days a week or just a few days a month. Each has a variety of benefits to offer, with flexible membership options for your unique situation. Who knows? This could be the end of your work-from-couch, sweatpants era!


Workantile | Ann Arbor

Photo Courtesy of Ilana Firke via Workantile

Situated in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, Workantile is a 100% member-operated co-working community for independent workers. Workantile members are mostly remote employees and self-employed individuals who come together to create a productive place for working socially. You’ll find a variety of professions, including writers, graphic artists, graduate students, attorneys, doctors, marketers, non-profit professionals, programmers, designers and tech managers. Encompassing 3,000 square feet, the Workantile building has multiple private phone rooms, a kitchenette stocked with snacks and coffee, a private bathroom, three conference rooms, day-use lockers, and a multifunctional printer/scanner/copier. Plus, abundant power outlets, high-speed WiFi and movable furniture make it possible to work anywhere in the space.

Workantile offers several membership options, including the Affiliate Membership, which gives you access four days a month and Sundays, a Full Membership, which provides 24/7 access with a floating desk, and the Dedicated Desk, with 24/7 access with your own desk. Plus, you can buy two Full Memberships within the same household for a discounted rate! Want to check out the space? Take a digital tour — or visit for the day with a $35 day pass.


Cowork Brighton | Brighton

Located in the heart of downtown Brighton, Cowork Brighton is a beautiful, family-owned workspace with six private offices, two conference rooms, and a fantastic open workspace. The simple, modern atmosphere provides a calming environment in which to work, thrive and connect with other small business owners and remote workers. Cowork Brighton is all about flexibility, providing a variety of private offices of all sizes available by the hour, day, part-time or full-time, for business owners with a small team of employees.

Cowork Brighton offers a variety of membership options for individuals, including the Basic plan for access to the space five days a month, Select for access 10 days a month, and Premium for 24/7 access. All members enjoy a variety of different perks while they’re there, including ultra high-speed Internet, free coffee and snacks, access to social and business gatherings, 20% off all reservations, one free day pass each month for friends and family, and more.


Cahoots | Ann Arbor

Cahoots Ann Arbor, MI
Photo Courtesy of Cahoots

Cahoots is more than just a co-working space — it’s a gathering place, an event venue, and even a coffee shop. It’s a community designed for the tech industry, including tech entrepreneurs, tech-focused freelancers, remote employees, startups, and even students hoping to get immersed in Ann Arbor’s tech scene. Extending throughout three historic buildings in the heart of downtown, Cahoots is a stylish space combining modern functionality with vintage character. Here, tech professionals of all kinds can network, collaborate and work independently.

Members can take advantage of a number of benefits, including electric sit/stand desks, dedicated call rooms and meeting spaces, spacious board rooms, an in-house coffee shop, a full kitchen and dining space, an electric house car for quick off-site trips, and so much more. Cahoots also has an on-site health club facility with fitness equipment, a sauna, showers, lockers, and bike storage. There are several membership options available, from the “Occasional” (2-3 times per month) to the “Full Time” (a dedicated workspace with access 24/7/365).


The Back Office Studio | Ypsilanti

Designed for curious, hard-working, sociable professionals, the Back Office Studio is a co-working studio in the heart of Ypsilanti. The 9,000-square-foot space has it all: meeting spaces for larger groups, private offices for individuals or teams, dedicated desks, and phone booths for private calls. It’s ideal for small teams, individual freelancers, remote workers, and grad students.

The Back Office has flexible memberships for all situations and budgets. The Virtual plan includes access during business hours, use of lounge and cafe seating, and a member discount for conference rooms. The Dedicated Desk includes a dedicated desk in the open area, 24/7 access, and 12 free hours of conference room use per month. No matter the plan you choose, all members enjoy high-speed Internet, free coffee, tea and bottled water, access to the kitchenette and printer, a BOS mailing address, and invitation to all member events.


Venue by 4M | Ann Arbor

Photo Courtesy of Venue by 4M

Venue by 4M is a restaurant, co-working and event space in Lower Burns Park with four food lines available for dine-in or take-out, plus a full bar, lounge and market. While there is so much to say about this energetic, all-in-one space, it’s the co-working part we’re zeroing in on. Daytime Co-workers enjoy access to any of the comfortable open seating, plus access to their network and member events. Or if you need a bit more structure, you can opt for the dedicated desk or a private office space. The Dedicated Desk plan is located in the dedicated members area, where only you and other members have access — and free coffee and tea! Perfect for a small team of 2-4 people, a private office offers 24/7 access and free coffee and tea as well. Want to try out Venue by 4M? You can purchase a day pass to get access to whichever membership option you’re interested in!


Frontal Lobe | Howell

Situated just northwest of Ann Arbor in the town of Howell, Frontal Lobe is a co-working space for entrepreneurs, techies, writers, designers, software engineers, small business owners and startups. This refreshing work environment allows professionals of all kinds to grow their business and foster creativity. Frontal Lobe has that unique coffee shop feel we all love — without all the distractions.

Full membership gives you unlimited access to the space, a roaming desk, and a mailing address. And the Lite membership offers access three days a week (and $10 per additional day), and a roaming desk. Or you can try Frontal Lobe out with a day pass from 8 a.m.–6 p.m. for just $20! Teams or individuals wanting a bit more privacy can inquire about their private office spaces, which give you unlimited access and a mailing address. Frontal Lobe has several add-ons and specials, including the option to rent their conference room and add a mailing address. Plus, college students get half off Frontal Lobe memberships!


Grit & Lavender | Brighton

Grit & Lavender Brighton, MI
Photo Courtesy of Grit & Lavender

Grit & Lavender is a co-working and flexible office space conveniently located just blocks from all the amazing shops and restaurants in downtown Brighton. The space is ideal for solopreneurs, independent contractors, work-from-home employees, and small business teams. The name Grit & Lavender combines the hustle, grind and hard-working attitude of “grit” with the love, support and connection reminiscent of lavender. That describes this co-working space perfectly!

Grit & Lavender has several membership options available. The Community and Resident Memberships include a variety of perks, including discounted rental rates, 24/7 access, unlimited kitchenette use, events and workshops, a downtown Brighton parking pass, a branded lobby sign, members-only WiFi, a copy and print center, a beverage center and more. Both operate on a month-to-month basis, which means you have no contract or lease! Grit & Lavender has several other offerings, including a Wellness Room and Serenity Room, perfect for massage therapists, consultants, and therapists.


Everything is Better Together

…Even your job! What co-working spaces in the Ann Arbor area are we missing? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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