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15 Places to Get Bubble Tea in the Ann Arbor Area

Bubble tea—also known as pearl milk tea, bubble milk tea or boba—is a tea-based drink that originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s. Since then, the popular beverage has migrated to other parts of the world, finding success anywhere it goes, including Michigan!  

Over the past few years, we’ve seen several bubble tea shops pop up all across Washtenaw County. So, to help you navigate the ever-growing number of places to get this delicious drink, we’ve crafted a list of our favorites! Below, you’ll find 1places you can get boba in the area. Have a tea-rific time!   


Nestled on William Street in Ann Arbor, Asian Legend is a destination for Taiwanese snacks and dishes along with Szechuan Chinese cuisine. In addition to a packed menu of delicious entrees, they also offer special treats like shaved ice, slushies, juices and bubble tea. Get a cup for just $3.50 in a wide variety of flavors like taro, peach, red bean, honey dew, coffee and many more!  


Boba Tea House, which just opened in July of this year, is the newest bubble tea destination in the area! They offer a little bit of everything on their menu, like smoothies, milk teas, fruit teas, coffee, yogurt and much more. Top any of their drinks with a few spoonfuls of your favorite toppings, like boba, aloe vera, sea cream, jelly, pudding or crema.  


This bubble tea chain has more than 2,500 locations in 40 different countries and is one of the most popular bubble tea shops in the world—so you know it’s goodClick here to explore their menu of drinks, like milk tea (which comes in flavors like Oolong and Banana), tea lattes, fruit tea, smoothies and coffee, which can be topped with any topping on the menuThey also have a menu of snacks to enjoy alongside your drink like Pocky, bubble waffles, popcorn chicken and more. 
Another global bubble tea brand, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice has more than 4,500 stores worldwide! Enjoy tasty treats like iced tea, Yakult, macchiatos, smoothies, tea lattes, slushes, smoothies and much more. They even have a few caffeine-free options like Taro Milk Tea, Taro Slush and Grapefruit Yakult for those looking to cut back. Click here to explore their menu and to order ahead!  

With locations all across the United States, Ding Tea might ring a bell for you. This classy, Instagram-worthy bubble tea chain is known for stunning tea drinks, smoothies, coffee concoctions and more. If you’re looking for a drink recommendation, the Monster Boba Latte, which features fresh mellow milk with rich, brown sugar boba, is a local favorite!  


Evergreen Restaurant is one of our favorite local spots for tantalizing Chinese cuisine. They specialize in Mandarin, Sichuan, Hunan, Shanghai and Taiwan styles of cooking, offering authentic flavors with fresh ingredients. One of the best things on their menu, however, is actually their boba! The delicious drink comes in six different flavors: original, matcha, taro, lavender, brown sugar and herbal jelly. They also offer brown sugar milk, fruity mixed tea, lemon tea, foamed milk tea, tea lattes and even some alcoholic options!  


Ypsi favorite, Lan City is a hand-pulled noodle restaurant tucked away in a shopping center on Washtenaw Avenue. Their menu is packed full of tasty soups, dumplings, scallion pancakes and more. For those looking for a simple noodle dish, don’t miss their Hot Pepper Oil Noodle—just beware of the intense spice level! Afterward, cool down with one of their bubble teas, which come in flavors like mango, rose and taro.  


Another new boba spot to hit Ann Arbor, Quickly Boba Café has taken the area by storm! Hereyou can get a variety of yummy drinks in addition to snacks like mochi waffles, popcorn chicken, spam musubi, veggie spring rolls, cheese sticks, curly fries, egg puffs, Korean corn dogs and more. All their menu items are available for delivery on GrubhubClick here to read through their vast menu and place your order.  


Phở House in Ypsilanti is a traditional Vietnamese spot crafting some of the best soup in town. We recently listed it on our roundup of the best ramen and noodle spots in town, featuring their Hu Tieu, a pork-based noodle soup topped with scallions, cilantro, celery, lettuce and leek, which we highly recommend. Don’t forget to add one of their to-die-for crab rolls to your order as well as a glass of Thai iced tea or milk tea with boba.  



Known for inventive drinks and flavorful snacks, Sharetea is a go-to spot for bubble tea in the Ann Arbor area! They opened their doors at the end of 2020, offering a massive menu of teas, toppings, smoothies, blended drinks and more. They are constantly announcing new offerings on their Facebook page, so be sure to check it out before you go!  



Sweeting is a bubble tea and handrolled ice cream café, serving up amazing drinks every day of the week! They have two locations in the Ann Arbor area, each offering a vast menu of bubble tea, Hong Kong desserts, appetizers, mochi, grass jelly dessertsfrostTEAs, smoothies, hot tea and much more. You can schedule a pickup online at both locations. Click here to look over their menu and place your order.  


Tea Ninja  

Located on East Liberty, Tea Ninja is a new local favorite for milk tea, fruit tea, hot tea, slushies, iced tea and much more. In addition to their menu of drinks, you can also find a variety of delicious baked goods at Tea Ninja, like cakes, cheesecakes, tiramisu and tortes. You can click here to place your order online or you can download the Snackpass app to get 20% off your first order!  


For incredible, fresh sushi in Ann Arbor, you can’t go wrong with Wolverine Sushi Bar. Here, you’ll find sushi staples like maki (including vegan maki!), nigiri, sashimi, bento boxes and desserts like mochi ice cream and Choco Pie. As for drinks, don’t miss their bubble tea (which you can get spiked with alochol!), featuring milk teas premixed with lactose-free milk and filled with boba balls and jellies.  


This lively dumpling spot on Washtenaw Avenue delivers rich, complex hot noodle soup with beef, pork, or veggie varieties, as well as their handmade signature dumplings. Click here to explore their menu—which includes bubble tea in flavors like taro, honeydew, coffee and original—and to place your pickup order online! If you’d rather have noodle soups, dumplings and other Chinese favorites delivered to your door, you can find Yee Siang on Grubhub as well. 


Whenever you’re on the hunt for bubble tea in downtown Plymouth, we recommend heading directly to Z’s Bubble Tea! This tea spot is another that recently opened in the area, serving bubble tea, slushies, smoothies and other drinks—known for their fantastic Brown Sugar Boba Sundae and their Z’s Floatea. Their bright and colorful Instagram is practically guaranteed to make you thirsty, so head over for some order inspiration before visiting in person! 


What about you? 

Where do you like to get bubble tea in Ann Arbor? Let us know in the comments below! 

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