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All About Cottagecore and How to Incorporate It In Your Home

As real estate professionals, we love to take stock of all the current design trends and styles—especially the ones that are taking over our Pinterest and Instagram feeds. Over the past few years, we’ve seen an uptick in minimalist-driven trends like hygge, eco-chic and other tiny homes—all boasting clean lines and decluttered rooms. The big overarching theme will all these trends is a distancing from technology, with some even encouraging banning TVs and smartphones from the home entirely. 
That idea continued into early 2020 when a new trend emerged: cottagecore, something the subreddit, r/cottagecore, explains as “your grandma, but like, hip.” But what is “cottagecore” and why is it everywhere right now?

What is cottagecore?


Cottagecore, also dubbed “farmcore” or “countrycore,” offers a natural aesthetic reminiscent of what you could find in a cottage in the English countryside. We’re talking greenery, vintage furniture, farmhouse tables, floral dresses and more. In a few words: cottagecore is a whimsical aesthetic all about living natural and appreciating the world around us. 
We first saw cottagecore popping up in the news in early 2020, when the New York Times published an article on the new trend. But it wasn’t until COVID-19 hit the United States in March that it really started to take shape. With ample time on our hands, many turned to finding fulfillment and purpose outside careers and the usual outdoor entertainment. Suddenly, with so much time at home, it seemed like everyone was baking sourdough, planning summer gardens, and engaging in grandma-inspired craft projects like knitting and embroidery. We even saw department stores like Target jump on the cottagecore trend as they started selling floral nightgowns and peasant dresses. 
But, at the end of the day, cottagecore is more than just a design or style of dress, it’s a mindset all about reflecting back to a simpler time and escaping from the stresses of the modern world. 
Even so, if you’re falling more in love with this style the more we talk about it, maybe it’s time to incorporate it into your home! Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite tips and tricks on how to transform your home into a dream #cottagecore oasis. 

How to incorporate cottagecore into your home

Use natural materials


Gardening, farming and agriculture are all a huge part of the cottagecore vibe. That means any good cottagecore-ified home will have plenty of potted plants, vases of flowers, hanging dried herbs, climbing vines, rustic twigs and more. You can also go 2D with the style, incorporating paintings or prints of natural things in your home too, like birds, farm animals, flowers and other greenery. If you want to go all out, consider starting your very own windowsill herb garden! Some of our favorite Ann Arbor garden centers will be able to help you get started. 


Add cozy textures and soft furnishings

Much like the concept of hygge, which we’ve previously talked about on our blog, cottagecore is all about getting comfortable and escaping the stressful “real” world. Make your home conducive for taking it easy by making it as homey as possible with cozy textures and soft furnishings throughout. Don’t be afraid to incorporate plenty of throw blankets, pillows, rugs and other pillowy textures to your living spaces and bedrooms! These will help you stay warm on rainy summer days and add the perfect cottagecore touch to any room. 

Create some DIY pieces


Since such a huge part of the trend is about letting go of technology and living simply, at least a few DIY items are a must. This is your opportunity to learn a new skill like knitting, crochet, quilting embroidery and more! The Ann Arbor Sewing Center and Spun Ann Arbor will be able to help you with all of those. After you’ve finished a few projects, display them proudly throughout your home! Not only will it really capture the cottagecore aesthetic, but you’ll also enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor spotted throughout your home every day. 

Reduce technology

Because of the emphasis on simpler times and minimalism in the cottagecore aesthetic, reducing technology in your home is one of the best ways to add some cottagecore vibes into your lifestyle. Decreasing the number of screens and technological devices in your home can help you to slow down and take on different hobbies like baking, reading, journaling, knitting and gardening while also allowing you to connect more with family, friends and pets!

Let spaces feel lived-in


While many trends over the last few years have emphasized minimalism and decluttering, cottagecore is much more about cozy and lived-in spaces. Why worry about hiding away cookware that you can use as décor between uses? The same goes for your favorite books, current DIY projects, board games, and more. Leaving these comforts out for all to see not only makes them easier to access, but will give your home a cozy, relatable charm.

Opt for vintage décor

Cottagecore is all about exploring a different era through clothing and décor. So the most obvious place to start is by adding a few one-of-a-kind vintage pieces to your home. Wall art, mirrors, chairs, rustic tables—if you could find it in an 1890s painting of an English farmhouse, then it’s perfect for this design style! You can find a wide variety of these types of items at one of our favorite antique and vintage shops in the Ann Arbor area! Click here to peruse the list, which includes shops like A2 VintageBowerbird Mongo and Artifact & Whimsy.

Put ingredients on display


Cooking, baking, and other home-making activities are very popular within the cottagecore lifestyle. Leaving out dry ingredients, herbs, produce, and other items that don’t require refrigeration can be both convenient and aesthetically pleasing in your home’s interior. Place fruit in suspended bowls, put some old school potpourri in bowls on the counter, or keep your spices and other dry goods in decorative jars. Don’t forget to label them with some cute stickers from Etsy so you know what everything is! 

Go floral

Floral is back! We used to cringe at floral wallpaper, bedding, art and more. But cottagecore has taken this vintage style and brought it back into the forefront, encouraging you to incorporate botanical prints, embroidered bouquets and other whimsical, feminine touches throughout your décor once more. Head to your nearest thrift store or vintage shop and pick up some classic floral prints! You can even repurpose old bed sheets into framed décor or new throw pillows for a sustainable, DIY that will look amazing throughout your home. 

Create a calming outdoor space


One of the most important parts of cottagecore is celebrating and enjoying nature. Setting up an outdoor space where you can properly appreciate the natural world surrounding your home will help you get more in touch with the heart of this aesthetic. If you can, take some time to plant a garden this season, whether it’s a few potted plants or a sprawling vegetable patch! While you’re at it, don’t forget to set up a calming outdoor space to fully enjoy your new green oasis. Consider making your front porch more inviting, revamp your back patio, or invest in a hammock or a fire pit. Call one of our favorite landscapers in Ann Arbor if you need a little help or inspiration. 

What do you think? 

Are you planning to add some cottagecore style to your home? Let us know in the comments below! 
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