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10 March 2021 Ann Arbor Restaurant Pop Ups You Don’t Want to Miss

COVID-19 hit the food industry harder than most. Indoor dining restrictions, stay-at-home orders and general pandemic panic has caused many local restaurants to shut their doors—some temporarily and others for good.  

While we will be mourning the loss of some of our favorite local institutions for months, we do love all of the amazing restaurant and culinary ideas that have come out of the pandemic. Curbside cocktails, igloo dining and even restaurant pop-ups have been creative ways for local chefs and restaurateurs to stay afloat during such an uncertain time. That’s why today, we’re taking a look at some local pop-ups around Ann Arbor and their March events! So read on and get ready to dig in.  


When: Most Sundays 


Photo courtesy of Max Sussman via The Pizza Replicator

The Pizza Replicator, a Star Trek-themed pizza popup at RoosRoast on Sundays, has taken the Ann Arbor area by storm over the past few months! Delicious crust, interesting toppings and out-of-this-world seasonings, if you haven’t tried their amazing ‘zas, you’re missing out! Selections change each week but no matter what they crank out, we promise it will feature organic flour, local and organic toppings and more. To order, just visit them on Instagram to check out their upcoming weekend menu, then click on the link in their Instagram profile to place your order! They recommend ordering a few days ahead and keeping your phone on you on Sunday so you can stay updated on your order through texts. 


Where: Miss Kim 

When: Saturdays & Sundays

Lala’s opened on July 17th, 2020 inside the building of the former fine-dining space, Standard Bistro & Larder. This exciting new temporary restaurant concept is the long-awaited project of Chef Allie Lyttle, inspired from her passion for traditional comfort food. Due to the pandemic, they’ve put indoor dining on hold and are instead popping up at Miss Kim on Saturdays and Sundays for brunch in March! Click here for all the information. 


Where: York Food & Drink 

When: March 12th 

Chef Sean Marshall is often credited with pioneering the pop-up restaurant movement in Ann Arbor, having hosted some spectacular food events all the way back in 2018Now he’s back and better than ever with a pop-up at York Food & Drink on March 12thWe don’t know exactly what his menu will hold, but you can probably expect delicious, French-inspired dishes using fresh local ingredients! And if that wasn’t enough, he’ll be joined by the always-amazingDJ Fresh Myint, who will provide the perfect music to accompany your meal.  


When: March 12 & 13th

Lucha Puerco is a small taco pop-up and hot sauce company, working to eventually find a permanent (possibly mobile) home to serve food and sauces on a weekly basis. Until then, they are offering bi-weekly pop-ups at local businesses! At their pop-ups, you can order a variety of fresh, smoked Al Pastor tacos on fresh tortillas with elote, frijoles, charros and aguas frescas freeze pops. Each order comes with a sampling of their sauces—which are also available for purchase. They announce their pop-up locations and dates monthly, so check out their pop-up schedule to see where they’ll be next month!  


Where: York Food & Drink 

When: March 13th 


Photo courtesy of Jamaican Spice

Another amazing pop-up at York Food & Drink, Jamaican Spice is a food truck offering authentic Jamaican cuisine like jerk chicken, rice and peas, plantains and curry vegetable stew. They’ll be setting up shop at York Food & Drink on the 13th and will also be accompanied by DJ Fresh Myint. Visit them on Facebook to RSVP and to get a sneak-peek of their offerings.  


Where: Vault of Midnight 

When: March 14th 

It’s always a good day when donuts are involved! It’s a Good Day Donuts is a donut pop-up, bringing fun and interesting pastries to the Ann Arbor area. They top their tasty treats with things like Froot Loops, sprinkles, lemon rind, pretzels and more. Did we mention they deliver too? Click here for their current menu, information on ordering and local delivery. 


Ellen’s Fine Goods

Where: Bløm Meadworks

When: March 17th

Once a month for the foreseeable future, Ellen’s Fine Goods will be popping up at Bløm Meadworks to offer mouthwatering, magical desserts. Their March pop-up is St. Patrick’s Day-themed, so don’t forget to wear green! Click here to explore Ellen’s Instagram page for a sneak peek into their menu offerings and updates on other future pop-ups.


Chef G 

Where: York Food & Drink 

When: March 20th 


Photo courtesy of Chef G

Chef G, a culinary expert offering a “modern approach to dining at home” will be at York Food & Drink on March 20th, slinging delicious Cubana sandwiches and marinated porchettaa yummy vegetarian option. He’ll also have a tasty, homemade side option like paprika chips, which pair perfectly with his famous ‘wiches 


When: March 26th 

Shuck—which means marketplace in Hebrew, is a pop-up striving to bring the energy and flavors of Middle Eastern markets to Ann Arbor. The whole delicious shebang is run by Amanda Fisher, whose catering business was hit hard by COVID-19. She usually hosts two pop-ups a month around the area, dates and locations of which you can find out about on her website. She also often partners with York Food & Drink to offer special pastries and desserts instore. 


Visit their Instagram for more information on upcoming pop-ups.

Basil Babe is a dumpling popup run by a young Detroit professional and her mother—the former owner of Siam Square! When you visit a Basil Babe pop-up, you’ll get the chance to purchase fresh or frozen dumplings and “Crabby Rangoon” which you can reheat using the helpful instructions on their website! In addition to tasty Asian street food, they also sell Thai Iced Tea and sides of their famous Chili Oil, which pretty much goes with anything. Follow them on Instagram to keep up with their upcoming pop-up locations and times as well as new additions to their growing menu.  


Which pop-up are you most excited for?  

Let us know in the comments below!  

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