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DIY Weekend Project: Create a Sliding Storage Solution

Do you need more storage space? Is your garage so overloaded that you have to park your car in the driveway? Are you looking for a smart storage solution that you can do yourself?
The Family Handyman designed a simple and fast system using plywood and plastic bins to get all that stuff up and out of the way, taking advantage of unclaimed space in your garage.

According to The Family Handyman, you can build and install this storage solution in an afternoon. Note: Be sure to measure the height above your garage door before you buy the plastic bins.

9 Steps to Create a Sliding Storage Solution:

1. Measure the top of the tote to determine the width of the tote rims
and the size of the bottom flanges of the carriages.

2. Cut 3-in.-wide strips of 3/4-in. plywood for the bottom flange.
Center them on 4-ft.-long 2x4s, then glue and screw them.
Use 2-in. screws every 10 in.

3. Flip the carriage assemblies over.
Center the 5-in.- wide plywood top flanges and glue
and screw them to complete the carriage assemblies.

4. Locate the ceiling joists with a stud finder and snap chalk lines to mark them.
Probe with a finish nail to make sure the lines fall on joist centers.

5. Mark each carriage 12 in. from the end and align the mark with the joist location.
Screw the carriage temporarily to each joist on one side of the flange with 3-in. screws.

6. Cut a 2×4 template from your tote dimensions and mark the location of the top edge of the next carriage.
Mark the rear side as well, then screw it and the other carriages in place on one side only.

7. Check the fit of the totes and make sure the rims have maximum
bearing on the lower flanges. Make any necessary adjustments.

8. Drill 3/16-in. pilot holes in the top flanges. Then drive pairs of 3-1/2-in.
lag screws into each joist, removing the temporary screws as you go.
Use a minimum of four lag screws per carriage.

9. Mark the centers of the carriages and screw a 1×2 stop along the marks.
The stop will keep the totes from sliding too far into the carriages.

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