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As a licensed attorney with a wide range of experience, Tom Smith has the talent and skill to guide you through the process of buying or selling your home. Tom earned his real estate salesperson license while working as a full-time lawyer, and soon began moonlighting as a realtor on nights and weekends to gain traction in the industry. Before long, he realized that he was happiest on those nights and weekends, helping people through one of the most exciting, and admittedly frightening, steps of their lives! On the expert advice of a Peanuts wall calendar, he decided to “just go for it” and made the switch to working as a realtor full-time.


Tom is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Although he is a strong believer that kindness is always the first and best strategy, he is ready and willing to fight for you. He has plenty of experience going toe-to-toe when necessary, and will do everything in his power to protect your best interests.


A graduate of Wayne State University Law School, Tom was the President of the Student Bar Association Board of Governors, and delivered the Commencement Speech for his graduating class. In his spare time, he loves training for running events with his wife, playing board games with friends, and listening to comedy podcasts.


If you want a realtor who is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly, give Tom a call today at (734) 558-6280.

My Office

Ann Arbor - North
2200 Green Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105


The best part about Tom is that he is truly your friend in this business. Something that other agents only aspire to be. It was incredible to work with Tom. He heard us out so well and set up walk-ins ever so promptly. He kept no pre-conceived ideas about what we might like or dislike. It was genuinely a smooth process for us and the best part is we got a wonderful person as a friend from it. So thank you Tom!

M. Frisby 2019-05-21

This is someone you can trust with your most significant purchase and largest investment. Tom is one of the kindest and most trustworthy persons I know.

B. Pyle 2019-02-12

It is my pleasure to write a review of my Real Estate Agent, Tom Smith. Multiple times, I informed my fiance that if I end up dead, she should tell the police detective to "look at" Tom Smith. Why? Because I am the worst home buyer EVER. I was CONSTANTLY messaging, calling, and emailing Tom to look at different houses, get different information, place different offers, request information from the city, etc. I pretty much had Tom on speed dial, and spoke with him nearly daily for 7 months straight. Tom took me to see well over 50 homes to consider. He helped me place a total of 7 offers, and consoled me when the first 6 were rejected or fell through. During my house hunt, I was constantly in communication with Tom, and he ALWAYS responded to my calls, text messages, and emails PROMPTLY. Tom, even though relatively new to real estate, is incredibly knowledgeable. I ask TONS of questions, and he was able to answer most. The few questions he couldn't answer, he would research and find the answer for me. Tom never pressured me, hurried me, or tried to persuade me. I am certain he truly was interested in me finding the best house for me and my life situation rather than just making the sale. The home I purchased with Tom's help is my first. And I knew very little about the home buying process. Tom helped and aided me every step of the way! It is clear to me that his background as a lawyer has provided him with a tremendous understanding of contracts, negotiations, and the process of writing legal documents. He would often clarify terms and language of contracts that I was unfamiliar with. The piece of mind I received by having a real estate agent who has a mastery of law and contractual language was incredible. Further, I have an unpredictable schedule at times, and occasionally had to change plans of home viewing at the last minute. Tom was ALWAYS understanding and accommodating. He went out of his way regularly to ensure I got the home viewings I wanted with my varied schedule. I did not meet Tom until searching for a home. In fact, he was not my first real estate agent, but my third. The first two were both pushy and disingenuous. They both remarked how they "are the 'Top Rated' real estate agent in the area. I was complaining to a friend about my sub-par experiences, and she recommended that I give Tom a call. From the day we met, I could instantly tell Tom was significantly different and better than my previous two agents. Have you ever received the "friends and family" treatment? I had never met Tom, nor was he my friend or family, but somehow he managed to provide me what truly felt like the "friend and family" experience. On the day of closing, Tom was there to celebrate with me and offer sincere congratulations. I thanked him for his amazing work and he responded with "this is what I love to do." Tom is a kind, warm, generous, honest, and a great human being. And he is a wonderful Real Estate Professional to boot. It is without hesitation that I give Thomas Smith my absolute highest recommendation.

T. Greiner 2019-02-05