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The first question that I ask myself whenever I begin to work with a new client is “How will this person’s life be different as a result of me working with them?”  The circumstances surrounding the lives of people who are buying or selling real estate are varied and unique to the individual.  However, one common element that everyone shares is that they will benefit by having someone help them through the process who is genuinely interested in serving their needs and is committed to impacting their lives in a positive manner.  I personally have experienced a wide variety of housing transitions over the years - the excitement of buying my first home, leaving a home that I loved, relocating to a new city, finding temporary housing during a time of transition...  We each have our own stories that impact the decisions that we have to make.  I will listen to you. I will hear your wants and needs, and I will offer my unwavering commitment to your best interests and will provide dependable support.  

In previous career positions I have gained valuable experience building and renovating homes, managing large municipal construction projects, and with involvement in commercial and residential land development projects.  I personally am a never ending home remodeler!  Having been formally trained in Construction Management and in graduate Business School coursework, I understand the many facets of bringing complex ventures to completion.  I am equally intrigued by the splendor of a perfect showhome as I am the possibilities hidden in the neglected fixer-upper.  Whatever your situation, I will work hard to help you realize true value in your home buying and selling decisions.

Having lived in the area for more than a decade, I understand the great opportunities that Ann Arbor and the wonderful surrounding communities have to offer.  The nuances of specific neighborhoods and the community at large have considerable impact on the buying or selling event.  All of this contributes to the financial and emotional value of a home.  I will help you through the buying and selling process with in depth knowledge and consideration of your specific market location and personal needs.

I look forward to serving you!


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