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Paula Bowman Corporate Office 734-669-5830 pbowman@reinhartrealtors.com
Ronda Braun Corporate Office 734-669-5803 rbraun@reinhartrealtors.com
Amy Courtney North Ann Arbor 734-699-3894 acourtney@reinhartrealtors.com
Mary Cox Corporate Office 734-669-5983 mcox@reinhartrealtors.com
Wendy DeVee West Ann Arbor 734-669-5940 wdevee@reinhartrealtors.com
Julie Dropsey Corporate Office 734-669-5858 jdropsey@reinhartrealtors.com
Chris Kolano Corporate Office 734-669-5820


Jennifer Fry RentFAST 734-669-5937 jfry@reinhartrealtors.com
Marsha Volchoff Corporate Office 734-669-5816 mvolchoff@reinhartrealtors.com
Brian Holland South Ann Arbor 734-769-3800 bholland@reinhartrealtors.com
Diane Irwin Saline 734-669-4520 dirwin@reinhartrealtors.com
Susan Kellam Corporate Office 734-669-5804 skellam@reinhartrealtors.com
David Lutton Corporate Office 734-669-5807 dlutton@reinhartrealtors.com
Susan Sipos Corporate Office 734-669-5998 ssipos@reinhartrealtors.com
Anita McKay Commercial 734-669-5879 amckay@reinhartrealtors.com
Bill Miller Corporate Office 734-669-5924 bmiller@reinhartrealtors.com
Chuck Reinhart Corporate Office 734-669-5809 creinhart@reinhartrealtors.com
Laurie Reynolds North Ann Arbor 734-669-5850 lreynolds@reinhartrealtors.com
Leslie Smith Relocation 734-669-5871 lsmith@reinhartrealtors.com
Amy Sprague Corporate Office 734-669-5815 asprague@reinhartrealtors.com
Jane Stolaski Chelsea 734-433-2180 bmiller@reinhartrealtors.com
Greer Thibodeau Corporate Office 734-669-5837 gthibodeau@reinhartrealtors.com


Office Locations

Office Locations

Reinhart has offices in Ann Arbor, Chelsea, and Saline.

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