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10 Reasons You Should Consider Moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan is a beautifully unique college town, home to a thriving community of makers, doers, artists and entrepreneurs. The area is also best known as the home of the University of Michigan, legendary annual events, fairy doors and bookstores galore.

Our city consistently makes “best of” lists in almost every category and it’s no wonder as to why. Ann Arbor plays host to some of the country’s best restaurants, cultural gems, sprawling parks and so much more!

But if you’re still on the fence about moving here, read on, because today we’re sharing a handful of reasons why Ann Arbor is one of the best places to live in the world. And once you’ve decided to make the move—and trust us, you will—give us a call! We would love to help you find your dream home.


You’ll never be bored


Ann Arbor is nothing if not eclectic, from the annual Hash Bash to our unique fairy doors scattered all throughout the town. Plus, there’s always something exciting to do here—no matter what your interests are. Where else can you find an all-night dollar pizza down the street from a world-famous classical performance venue? In Ann Arbor, you’ll find amazing farmers’ markets, excellent shopping, top-rated restaurants, incredible craft beer and heavenly bookshops, all within a few blocks of each other. Not to mention, the sheer amount of wonderful events that are happening all year long—both virtually and in-person.


We’re a cultured community

Ann Arborites place a strong emphasis on the arts and celebration of culture, and it shows. Our city is home to visual and performing arts, live music, art fairs, galleries and so much more. Enjoy a show from the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra at The Michigan Theater; catch a performance at the Arthur Miller Theatre; explore the University of Michigan Museum of Art; or watch your favorite national performers live at Hill Auditorium. Whatever form of art you’re interested in, there’s a place just for you here in A2!


And we also happen to be well-read


Ann Arbor is truly a bookish city, through and through. Since the Ann Arbor founding and the nationwide expansion of Borders, our book-loving community has gotten plenty of attention—but our book-loving nature has been with us for much longer. Today, our town is home to local legends like Literati Bookstore, Bookbound, Nicola’s Books and Aunt Agatha’s alongside beloved places like Common Language Book Bar and Crazy Wisdom Bookstore & Tearoom.

For used and antiquarian books, you can go to our other favorite A2 shops, Dawn Treader Book Shop, Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library Book Shop, Motte & Bailey Booksellers and West Side Book Shop.


Our education system is top-notch

Ann Arbor is home to the world-renowned University of Michigan. On its own, our hometown university has consistently ranked on National University Rankings amongst other Ivy League superstars like Yale and Harvard. And through the university, our town has been blessed with community and kid-friendly educational centers like the University of Michigan Museum of Art, Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum, the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, the Stearns Collection of Musical Instruments, the Exhibit Museum of Natural History and so many more.

But it isn’t just our top-notch university that makes Ann Arbor a destination for education; we also happen to be home to a fantastic public school system! So no matter how old you are or your children are, there is a spectacular education waiting for you here in A2.


It’s a great place to raise a family

Ann Arbor, Michigan

If you have a family or are planning to start one soon, you’ve chosen a great place to call home. Thanks to our beautiful parks system, strong school districts and educational attractions, Ann Arbor is one of the most kid-friendly and family-friendly cities in the state and in the country! Livability even ranked Ann Arbor on their list of 5 Best Cities for Families in Michigan, and WalletHub ranked us highly in Best Places to Raise a Family in Michigan.


… Or not!

Ann Arbor was recently named one of the best cities in the United States for singles by Value Penguin and we aren’t surprised! All of the things that make our city so desirable for families are great for young professionals as well. Plus, our growing economy, fantastic nightlife and thriving cultural attractions are just cherries on top for those who aren’t looking to settle down just yet.


Our brews are next level

Ann Arbor, Michigan

If we had to create a list of things Ann Arbor is known for, beer and coffee would definitely be on there. Since exploding in the 1990s, the Ann Arbor craft beer scene has been enjoying a resurgence in craft, style and the sheer number of breweries available. And beer lovers around the entire state have been enjoying it, too! But that’s not all. Ann Arbor is also home to some pretty spectacular coffee shops where you can sip on some non-alcoholic brews. For a full list of our favorite breweries, click here. And for a list of Ann Arbor’s most celebrated coffee shops, click here.


And our food scene is unlike any other

If you need another reason to want to move here, how about our incredible food scene? You can get just about anything you’re craving in Ann Arbor, whether that’s pub food, global flavors, American classics or casual eateries. We obviously don’t have room to list all of them here, but you can read The 15 Best Date Night Restaurants in Ann Arbor, The 15 Best Vegan + Vegetarian-friendly Restaurants in Ann Arbor, and Your Guide to 14 Zingerman’s Businesses in Ann Arbor, which highlights a business that has revolutionized local eats, to give you a good idea of exactly how much amazing food we have to offer!


It’s affordable

Ann Arbor, Michigan

You would think all the amazing things about Ann Arbor would come at a lofty price, but in reality, it’s a fairly affordable one. Penny Hoarder conducted a ranking, 25 U.S. Cities That Millennials Can Afford—and Actually Want to Live In, which rounded up the most livable cities ranked for their price, their fun and everything in between. And of course, Ann Arbor made the list.


It’s all about the people

It’s no secret we love Ann Arbor, but we firmly believe we wouldn’t be one of the country’s best places to live without the best locals, residents and visitors. And during hard times—whether it’s an environmental disaster or a pandemic—the remarkableness of our locals is just exemplified even further. Over the past few months, we’ve witnessed locals flock to support small businesses, help deliver food to the needy, donate blood, pack lunches for children, and so much more. Ann Arbor is a beautiful place to live, not only because of our art scene, delicious food, fabulous education system and quirky lifestyle but also because locals never give up an opportunity to support one another. We couldn’t do it without you, A2.


Did we convince you?

If you’ve decided to make the move—give us a call! Our expert agents will be able to answer any moving questions you may have and help you find the home of your dreams.

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