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7 Coffee Subscriptions in the Greater Ann Arbor Area

It’s the world’s favorite beverage. It’s what keeps all of us awake and moving. It’s coffee—and we just couldn’t live without it. In Ann Arbor, coffee is a lifestyle, with an abundance of coffee shops and roasters calling the area home.

Luckily for us (and for our caffeine cravings), many of these coffee destinations—located anywhere from Ypsilanti to Detroit—are now offering coffee subscription services, so we can support them without even having to leave our homes.

We compiled a list of some of the best, so you can bring local beans right to your own coffee maker. Enjoy!


Mighty Good Coffee | Ann Arbor


Photo courtesy of Mighty Good Coffee

Every Mighty Good coffee starts with beans from select farms, mills and co-ops. Then, the beans are roasted in small batches and packaged to preserve freshness. Whether you’re picking up a bag from the grocery store or having it delivered straight to your door, you’re guaranteed a fresh cup of coffee that is both sustainable and empowering (for you and for the community!).

Mighty Good has several different subscription options—a single-origin subscription, a MGC signature blend subscription, and a “Double Your Trouble” subscription, where you’ll get two bags every single month.


Zingerman’s Coffee Company | Ann Arbor

Zingerman’s Coffee Co. is a wholesale roaster supplying cafes, restaurants and businesses all over the region, but they also offer their own coffees at the Zingerman’s Coffee Bar at Zingerman’s Southside Producers row. While we can’t visit them in person right now, you can bring some of the Zingerman’s Coffee magic home by becoming a Coffee Club member!

Their Coffee Club comes in three- and six-month increments, delivering you a new bag of freshly roasted, whole bean coffee every month. And because they know you like variety, every month they’ll send you a different type of roast so that you try something new!


Stovetop Roasters | Ann Arbor

Coffee subscriptions in Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Michigan Stovetop Roasters

Photo courtesy of Stovetop Roasters

From the charming doodles that adorn both their bags and their shops to their award-winning (and locally famous) baristas, you can always tell just how much love goes into the coffee and the atmosphere at Stovetop Roasters. Theirs is a team of friendly locals who don’t take themselves too seriously. And that results in some outstanding coffee.

Their coffee subscription may just be one of the best in the area, featuring several different options—including a decaf version! The subscription costs between $14-$17 a week, a month or bi-monthly, depending on which option you choose.


Fourth Dimension Coffee | Pontiac

A short drive from Ann Arbor, Fourth Dimension Coffee is a roastery and a coffeehouse located in downtown Pontiac. A completely unique operation, Fourth Dimension actually produces small batches of coffee, responsibly sourced from small farms in multiple regions. And because of their small quantities, their menu constantly changes—giving you the opportunity to try something new every time you order!

Get their small-batch coffee delivered right to your door, on a regular basis, by signing up for their coffee subscription. You can choose one or two bags a month and also choose whether you want their regular Booster Blend or a roaster-selected coffee.


Hyperion Coffee | Ypsilanti

Coffee subscriptions in Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Michigan Hyperion Coffee

Photo courtesy of Hyperion Coffee Company

Hyperion Coffee can be found freshly brewed in many of our favorite coffee shops in Ann Arbor and around the state, but they’re headquartered right here in Ypsi. Their shop gives you the chance to taste craft coffee right where it is roasted, and give you the opportunity to learn everything from espresso to cupping at the Hyperion Labs.

Of course, we can’t hang out at their awesome coffee shop right now, but we can enjoy the taste of Hyperion at home with their coffee subscription service! You can sign up for a weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly subscription of their tasty, locally roasted coffee and get a 340-gram bag delivered to your door without even having to think about it.


Ashe Coffee | Detroit

“Drink coffee, live wild” is more than just their slogan, this saying is Ashe Coffee’s life motto. They use coffee just like we do—to fuel our entire lives, whether you’re just getting ready for a day of work or sipping it in the car on an epic road trip. The entire operation is located in Southwest Detroit, where they’ve been roasting since 2016. 

Their “Triple Thread” subscription gets you three bags of their current roasts on the 15th of each month for $26.99. Because they love to experiment, you’ll get to experience a few different varieties every month! 


Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company | Bloomfield

Coffee subscriptions in Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Michigan Great Lakes

Photo courtesy of The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company

Like all good American brand stories, the owners of Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co.’s story began in a garage with nothing more than a leap of faith. Their Italian father instilled in them a passion for the art and science that transforms little green beans into nuanced roasts, and the rest was history. Today, they work tirelessly to change the story in Detroit through coffee, whether it’s by choosing responsibly grown coffee or leading discussions on how to refine our local community.

Their Coffee of the Month subscription box ships every month and includes three bags of delicious, freshly roasted coffee. The box costs $48—which saves you about $2 per bag!—and ships absolutely free.


Just Brew It!

Where do you get your coffee? Let us know your favorite Ann Arbor area coffee destinations in the comments!

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