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Congratulations to the 2017 President’s Club

Reinhart recognized members of the 2017 President’s Club on Monday, October 30 at Jiffy Mix.  Lunch was served at the Common Grill to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of more than 90 real estate agents.
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For nearly 30 years, the President’s Club has recognized the top producers at the Charles Reinhart Company Realtors. To qualify for the President’s Club, an agent must close 18 or more transactions per year, which is more than 2.5 times the national average.

“Our annual President’s Club event provides fellowship as well as peer and corporate recognition for the elite members of our sales team,” explains Dave Lutton, President of the Charles Reinhart Company Realtors. “They are industry leaders. It is our pleasure to honor them. Their outstanding sales achievements are the reason for our firm’s dominant position in the local real estate industry.”

The 2017 President’s Club includes:

Scott Bethune
Ladonna Bow Billman
Nancy Bishop
Scott Blomquist
Jason Boggs
Marjorie Bolgos
Thomas Bradshaw
Elizabeth Brien
Laurie Buys
Jim Carey
Young Choi
Bruce Conybeare
Pia Crum
Laura Detwyler
Stacey Dugas
Patricia Durston
Tammi Ebenhoeh
Patricia Eddy
Barbara Eichmuller
Michelle Elie
Deborah Engelbert
Rob Ewing
Brooke Fajardo
Felice Fergel
Brent Flewelling
Linda Forster
Kathy Frey
Kantha Gardner
Maria Gilbert-Anglin
Jessie Glassel
Kirk Glassel
Toni Golden
Deb Helber
Bryan Herter
Kim Hilobuk
Lyla Icaza
Rick Jarzembowski
Marty Javornisky
Robyn Javornisky
Jeff Klink
Carmen Knick
Darby Kolano
Todd Lands
Carolyn Lepard
Debbie Leutheuser
Glacier Liao
Snow Liao
Kathy Linderman
Rick Mangan
Wendy Martin
Dick Mattie
Bruce Maxson
Megan Mazurek
Janet McAllister
Patrick McCauley
Marcia Merola
Matthew Miller
Kerene Morrissey
Jan Nelson
Scott Nelson
Susan Niethammer
Nancy Paterson
Kim Peoples
Julie Picknell
Michal Porath
Tim Powell
Maura Rains
Liz Rauser
Ed Ridha
Lisa Ridha
Rachel Robinson
Alice Roderick
Tracey Roy
MaryAnn Ryan
Michael Ryan
Michelle Schulman
Anne Sloan
John Sloan
Cynthia Smigielski
Ren Snyder
Susan Snyder
Michelle Stalmack
Lisa Stelter
Deb Odom Stern
Julie Svinicki
Rick Taylor
John Tenza
Linda Tenza
Nancy Thorensen
Melissa VanDam
Dana Vespremi
Maria Wade
Christian Ward
Hillary Ward
Jim Wedemeyer
Jean Wedemeyer
Judie Wu

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