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Ann Arbor Makes Two New Lists

FindTheBest, a technology company focused on collecting and interpreting data, recently published two lists where they ranked Ann Arbor highly. Ann Arbor appeared in the list of the Most Hipster Cities in America, and in America’s Most Educated Cities.

To determine the top hipster cities, FindTheBest pinpointed a few categories that best summarize hipster attributes. Those categories were: the number of people between 20-34 years old, level of education, number of cafes per capita and number of yoga studios per capita.

Downtown Ann Arbor

For the most educated cities they looked for the cities with populations that exceed 50,000 people with the highest percentages of residents with master’s degrees.

Ann Arbor came in as the 15th-most hipster city with Ann Arbor’s 115,000-plus population 37.5% fell between the ages of 20 and 34, and 9.8 cafés per 10,000 residents.

According to the education report, however, Ann Arbor ranks higher, coming in at 7th. In Ann Arbor 70.6% of the population have earned a bachelor’s degree and 41.7% residents have a master’s degree.

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