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Six Essential Tailgating Tips in Ann Arbor

Tailgating at the University of Michigan is a long standing tradition. If you are new to the tradition or just trying to make sure you don’t forget anything, here is a list to help you prepare.

Photo: Khaz via Flickr

1. Arrive Early
In order to get a good spot you want to be there early. Most tailgating locations in Ann Arbor open at 6 or 7 am.

2. Pack extra
It is essential to bring enough of everything. This means enough food, drinks and water for two meals. You may also want to bring a small charcoal grill, coolers, ice, cups, plates and plastic-ware, and trash bags.

In addition to food supplies it is also a good idea to bring folding tables and chairs so everyone will have a place to sit and eat. Consider having everyone bring something. By having one person in charge of food, and another in charge of drinks it makes it easier for everyone and nothing is forgotten.

3. Bring Games
Fun games are a must for tailgating. It is important to bring multiple games like cornhole, ladder ball, and ring toss. A large variety will ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy.

4. Be Prepared
With all the activity going on during it is best to have a fully stocked emergency aid kit nearby.

5. Protection from the Elements
Bringing a canopy will help keep you the right temperature. It is also a good idea to pack sunscreen to prevent sunburn and aloe just in case. Also remember to dress in layers and bring blankets because in the fall temperatures change quickly. This is especially important for younger family members who go tailgating.

6. Don’t have a ticket?
It’s ok! You can still have a great time watching the game at many of Ann Arbor’s sports bars and brew-pubs.

Greer Thibodeau

Greer Thibodeau

Greer Thibodeau works for Charles Reinhart Company Realtors as their Marketing Coordinator. Greer is responsible for coordinating, planning, and implementing all digital marketing. When she isn't on social media you will find her watching television, eating tacos, or traveling.

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