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DIY Weekend Project: Give Your Kitchen a Makeover with a New Backsplash

You can give your kitchen a completely new look in just one weekend with a new, easy to clean, tile backsplash.

1.   Lay Out the Tiles
Tape the mosaic tile sheets in place to check your layout. Cut the sheets as needed.


2.   Apply the Thin-Set
Tape ladle thin-set mortar onto the wall and carefully work it with a notched towel to make smooth, even ridges.

3.   Tile the Backsplash
Install the whole sheet first, and then fill the voids with the pieces you cut. Once the tiles are in place, firmly press them onto the wall with a clean grout float.


4.   Apply the Grout
Allow the thin-set mortar to set for approximately 12 hours. Move the grout in all directions to work the grout into all of the joints.


5.   Clean the Backsplash
After the grout is in place, wide the backsplash with a damp sponge to clean the access grout off of the tiles, then wipe dry with a cloth.


6.   Seal the Grout
Apply grout sealer to avoid major maintenance in the future.


> Click here to download step-by-step instructions, supply list and helpful tips from Better Homes & Garden.


Source: Better Homes & Gardens
Photo Credit: www.bhg.com

Megan Crosbie

Megan Crosbie

As Marketing Coordinator for the Charles Reinhart Company, Megan Crosbie is primarily responsible for their online presence, including the social media strategy, website and blog.

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