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DIY Weekend Project: Boost Your Curb Appeal with a Freshly Painted Front Door

A freshly painted front door can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal.

1.  Remove Your Door
Before you get started, remove your front door. Use a slot screwdriver to remove the hinge pins, then remove the other half of the hinge from the door.

Remove the doorknocker, peephole, doorknob, and all other hardware from the door. Wash the door and let it dry.

2.  Prep your Door
Use a quick drying wood filler to patch cracks. When it is dry, sand the filler smooth so that it is flush with the door.

3.  Apply Primer
If the paint is in good condition, primer is not necessary. However, if you are painting you door a dark color, it is a good idea to use primer first.

Prime every side of the door – inside, outside, left and right edges, and the top and bottom. Let the door dry completely.

After priming, if there are still cracks, fill them with caulk Let the caulk dry and then re-prime where you caulked.

Use a fine-grit sandpaper to smooth the surface and remove any paint drips particularly in the crevices of the panels. Use an old paintbrush or a tack rag to brush off the dust.

4.  Paint Your Door
Start by painting with a mangled sand brush. Paint the corners of the panels first. Work form the top panels down to the lowest. Use a roller brush to apply the paint to the raised panels, rolling with the grain of the wood. Then paint the muntins (top and then bottom), transforms (top, middle, bottom), and finish with the stiles.

Paint the door with several coats, continuing to use the angle brush first and then the roller. Remember, the darker the color, the more coats you will need.


Photo Credits: DIY Network

What color do you want to paint your front door?

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