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12 Things to do in Chelsea – Spend an Afternoon Playing at Timber Town Park

Each week, for 12 weeks, we will write about something fun to do in Chelsea, Michigan.  Located just 15 minutes west of Ann Arbor, Chelsea has a vibrant downtown, with a mix of retail, galleries and restaurants.

1.   See a Live Performance at the Purple Rose Theatre Company
2.   Visit the Chelsea Center for the Arts
3.   Spend a Day Playing at the Chelsea TreeHouse
4.   Take a Tour of the Chelsea Teddy Bear Company
5.   Dine at The Common Grill
6.   Tour the Jiffy Mix Factory
7.   Explore Waterloo Recreation Area

#8. Spend an Afternoon Playing at Timber Town Park

Are you looking for a fun place for the family to run, play, climb and swing in the great outdoors?  Spend an afternoon at Timber Town Park in Chelsea, Michigan!

Built in 1996, Town Park is a 12,000 square foot wooden play structure north of downtown Chelsea. The Park features a huge wooded climbing structure, swings, bridges, towers, slides, sandboxes, climbing wall, and picnic areas. While you are there, be sure to take a look at the beautiful mosaic project, called Pathway to Renewal.

Constructing Timber Town was a massive community undertaking managed by long-time Chelsea residents Gloria Mitchell and Julie Rutherford. Through financial support, community donations and 2,500 volunteers, Timber Town came to life. In 2007, a large restoration project was organized by the friends of Timber Town to secure funds to maintain and renovate the play structure.

Megan Crosbie

Megan Crosbie

As Marketing Coordinator for the Charles Reinhart Company, Megan Crosbie is primarily responsible for their online presence, including the social media strategy, website and blog.

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