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About Me

I was born and raised in Tajikistan, the Central Asian republic of the USSR. After graduating college, I moved to Moscow where I lived for 11 years before finally relocating myself and daughter to the United States. 

My professional experience includes roles in Accounting, Office Management, Executive Assistant, Head of Administration, and HR officer working at the British embassy, an international law firm and a private investment fund. My professional experience has taught me to be attentive to peoples’ needs, and to maintain a keen eye for details while working efficiently to ensure the right decisions are made. 

Having moved myself and family several times, I understand how complicated and scary relocating can be. I also understand how important it is to find the right community and home for you and/or your family. As a licensed member of the National Association of Realtors, I bring my personal and professional experience to work for you to ensure the process of selling your current home or finding your new home is as easy and stress free as possible!

If you are looking for agent who is ready to take the best care of you and will do whatever it takes to make the process of buying and/or selling the house smooth and stress free, you are on the right page.

We all know “HOME is where the 💖 is!”, so call me at (517) 260 - 0931 or email me at ngero@reinhartrealtors.comto discuss your needs.  

I am fluent in English, Russian and Tatar, we will communicate in the language that is most comfortable for you.

My Office

1020 E. Michigan
Saline, MI 48176

My Languages

Translation from Russian (Russian version below): "We have not had experience in buying a home before, so the help of a highly professional agent in this process was vital. Nafisa Gero turned out to be such an agent: understanding our requests, offering various options and analyzing the state of the real estate market during this period. In the course of communication, we did not feel any pressure from Nafisa, she patiently listened to our needs and wishes and took into account our capabilities. We would especially like to note her attentiveness, openness to dialogue, the speed of solving emerging problems, and providing all the necessary information in time. The skillful coordination of Nafisa with various services (banks, insurance, former owners, their agent, etc.) helped us a lot. The linguistic preparation of Nafisa, her fluency in Russian, and the skill in translating special terms are invaluable. Nafisa's knowledge has made us provided us with confidence in interpreting financial and technical details and concepts. As a result of our productive communication with Nafisa Gero, we successfully acquired a new home. У нас не было опыта в покупке дома, поэтому помощь высокопрофессионального агента в этом процессе была необходима. Именно таким агентом оказалась Нафиса Джиро: понимающим наши запросы, предлагающим различные варианты и анализирующим состояние рынка недвижимости в этот период. В процессе общения мы не чувствовали никакого давления со стороны Нафисы, она терпеливо прислушивалась к нашим пожеланиям и учитывала наши возможности. Особо хочется отметить её внимательность, открытость к диалогу, быстроту решения возникающих проблем, cвоевременность необходимой информации. Очень помогла нам умелая координация Нафисы с различными службами (банками, страховками, бывшими владельцами, их агентом и т.д.). Неоценима лингвистическая подготовка Нафисы, её свободное владение русским языком, мастерство перевода специальных терминов очень нам помогли. Знания Нафисы обеспечили нам доступность в интерпретации финансовых и технических деталей и понятий. В результате нашего продуктивного общения с Нафисой Джиро мы успешно приобрели новый дом.

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