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Kirk Glassel Yang(Jessy) Lin

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Kirk: 734-707-1179
Jessy: 734-883-3050



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Ann Arbor - East
2452 East Stadium
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Kirk Glassel and Jessy(Yang) Lin work closely together on a powerful team of TWO. The dynamic of our team is different than any other team we are aware of. The combined American and Chinese expertise is something that you will not find elsewhere. It is Jessy and Kirk’s pleasure to help their clients be comfortable, informed and successful in their transaction whether it is buying or selling a property.

Jessy's education includes a Masters of International Business which serves her perfectly for her position as a Realtor in Southeast Michigan. Jessy honed her skills while she owned and operated a very successful and highly respected marketing and advertising business in Beijing, China. Jessy decided it was time for a new adventure so she sold her business and came to America with her ultimate goal of being a highly respected Realtor in the United States. If you speak to Kirk and Jessy’s clients, they will tell you she is already there.

Kirk’s academic background includes a Masters of Education. The skills that he used for his teaching career transfer perfectly to a successful Realtor. Kirk executed his first real estate transaction at the young age of 19 and has continued since then. Kirk has enjoyed buying homes, remodeling them, updating them and then selling them before he gets started on his next home. What Kirk has learned throughout these projects will be very beneficial to you as you either prepare your home for listing or during your initial visit to a home that you are considering buying. Kirk shares the same goal that he wants to be a highly respected Realtor. With the service, professionalism, attention to detail, attentiveness, and numerous other skills that he provides in cooperation with Jessy, he, too, is already there.

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