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Anne Harlow


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Ann Arbor - East
2452 East Stadium
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

I have been with the Charles Reinhart Company since 2016. My love of this area makes

this a perfect company for me - a company that is the market leading group of strong professionals. 


My own home buying experiences started in 1986. Discovering all the complications that

can arise and the amount of work that goes into a smooth deal inspired me to consider a career as a Realtor.  


Becoming a licensed Realtor was a natural synergy of my love of home buying and ownership with my careful management of business transactions.  With 40 years living in the area, I am highly knowledgeable and extremely available to answer all the “whos”, “whats” and “whys” that my clients need answered.


Prior to becoming a Realtor, I supported and gave trusted advice on thousands of transactions as a financial software designer, developer and customer support analyst with Ford Credit Treasury and with Comshare. Having always been skilled with numbers and data, I have been able to perform market analysis quickly and accurately in order to give sound advice regarding price and value.


On the side, I am also a musician, an artist and a steady yoga practitioner and will bring to our relationship a creative and compassionate view. I will always be attentive to detail throughout your home buying or selling process. I am here for you on your schedule to help.

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